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User Testimonials

"It's pretty amazing." - TurtleSeth (Turtle Beach AudioTron Board Moderator)
"Very clean. Nice work!" - jtleavens (AudioTron Board Member)
"Finally got a chance to look at it - great effort!" - BillSomverville (AudioTron Board Member)
"Great Job on the project so far!" - Daniel (User)

What is JavaTron?

JavaTron is a program designed to control a TurtleBeach AudioTron unit (find out more about the AudioTron on the AudioTron Message Board dedicated to it). JavaTron is a 100% Java application using the Swing framework for the user interface.

JavaTron is designed as a replacement for the Web pages that the AudioTron serves. Since the JavaTron is a client application, it is able to cache data it gets from the AudioTron. This allows JavaTron to be much more responsive than the Web page interface. In addition JavaTron uses command queueing with interruptible commands to achieve high user responsiveness.


You can download the latest program and/or source here.
Here is the Sourceforge Project.

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JavaTron is 100% open source code. The full GPL license is provided in the About dialog box with JavaTron.

For documentation of the internals see the JavaDoc Doc